What is the best time age wise
to do a newborn session?

 My favorite time is between days 10-14 days old

What do I need to bring?

All you need to bring is a bottle (or if breast feeding.. even better!), a pacifier (even if they haven't had one/don't like it, sometimes you can get thru a pose just by having a pacifier), and diapers and wipes. I have all the props, baskets, buckets wraps, hats headbands needed. I do of course allow anything parents want to bring to incorporate that is meaningful. 

Do you have anything
for rainbow babies?

Yes, I have several wraps and props used for rainbow babies. We won't be scheduling a newborn boy within a day or so of being circumsised . 

What if my baby is
older than that 14 days old?

the 10-14 day mark is NOT a hard date. that's when I find they are still for the most part sleeping quite a bit are easier to pose. NOT all babies are the same. i have done a 3-4 wk old baby had great results too.. It all depends on the baby .

FAQ | Newborn sessions

How long do
newborn sessions lasts?

Plan on being with me for at least two hours. it may be longer it may be shorter. depending on what the needs of the baby are. We are working on the babe's time frame, not our own.

FAQ | what to wear guide

What should we wear
For our photo session with you?

This is probably one of the most common questions photographer's get asked. BELIEVE me when I say.. your clothing and accessories can make or break your session. Now, I am in NO WAY telling you that you have to buy a WHOLE NEW WARDROBE for your photos. Pick out coordinating colors-- they can be different colors that go together.. easy on the stripes.. some faint prints in the same color scheme are fine. Try and stay away from solid whites blacks and flannel. I know flannel is tempting in the fall, but you will thank me later. Earth tones always work: sage green,golds, burgundies, blues, browns, grays. Of course I am just a message or text away if you want to check with me about what to wear.

kind words from kind people

From: The Trivette family

Kim is a phenomenal photographer! She was absolutely amazing with my newborn daughter and is very knowledgeable regarding newborn photography and safety. She was super patient and helped soothe Millie when she would get uncomfortable or fussy at any point. Kim worked hard to make this mama’s picture dreams come true. I feel like I’ve known Kim my whole life - she is incredibly friendly and personable. 

kind words from kind people

kind words from kind people


This lady is so patient and is super talented and so friendly. When our session was done I felt like I knew her my whole life, we not only made an appointment but we made a friend for life. I would recommend her for any newborn pics as well as family pictures.. she has won some awards for best photography in Watauga county and after our session I can see why. I wish I could give her 10 stars instead of 5... so seriously if you need some pictures please make an appointment with Timeless Treazures Photography

kind words from kind people


Kim took newborn pictures of our baby. She did beyond an amazing job!! She was SO patient, tender, and loving with her. She loved on her as if she was one of her own! Her work far more exceeded any expectation that I thought I would ever get out of “newborn shots”. I HIGHLY recommend her for anyone who is looking for newborn photography.